The Most Cost-Effective Electric Heaters

The winter season is fast approaching, and you might be worried about the increase of electric bills because of your thermostat. Because of this, more and more people go for portable space heaters that will definitely keep the rooms you use the most in a comfortable temperature without consuming a lot of energy. Here are some of the most popular portable electric heaters that you might want to check out.

  • Lasko 754200 Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat

It’s one of the cheapest electric heaters these days that’s perfect for people who live in apartments with smaller rooms. As opposed to its size, it has a strong heating power. Since this electric heater is compact, you can easily place it in the most convenient area of a room. You can also store it in the summer days without any problems.

You can use it in bigger rooms, but you have to understand that it will use up more power in doing so. If you don’t need electric heaters in other rooms of your apartment or house, this is a great choice, especially for smaller families.

  • My Heat Personal Ceramic Heater

This is another electric heater that’s smaller, with greater value and efficiency. It doesn’t look like your ordinary heater, which is designed like a portable speaker and available in different designs for visual aesthetics. Since it doesn’t use a lot of power, it’s a great money saver especially for those who live in small apartments.

The only disadvantage of this electric heater is that it doesn’t have an adjustable thermostat. With this, you won’t be able to get your desired heat. If the room is already getting hotter than usual, you can turn it off, and put it on again when the room gets colder again.

  • Holmes HFH436WGL-U Heater Fan with Bathroom Safe Plug

This is one of the most popular electric heaters because of its versatility and performance. You can use it in any room of your apartment or house, even in the bathroom. With its bathroom safe plug, you don’t have to worry about accidents when you use it in the bathroom. It’s also a quiet heater that’s perfect to use in bedrooms.

The best thing about this electric heater is that it has a programmable temperature set. You can even set it off automatically, along with the fan mechanism in it. The heater also comes with a two-heat setting that’s great for chilly winter nights.

If you’re worried about power consumption, it’s best to get something with lower wattage. On the other hand, an electric heater with lower wattage will also have lesser heat output. For people who want to heat larger rooms, make sure that the model of the heater is larger too.

The frequency of use will also have to be your main concern in buying electric heaters. If you are going to use the heater in more than one room, you might have to buy something that’s portable and easy to store. Ceramic heaters for example, are often used for portable purposes.