Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 4 GPM

Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 4 GPMFor people who are looking to get a good water heater then going for a tankless water heater is definitely a good option. One such device is the Rheem RTE 13 electric tankless water heater. It is basically one of the ideal applications that are for point of use. This device is quite compact and this allows it to fit in small spaces and this is quiet convenient for people who stay in homes that have limited spaces. The design is quite compact as well as efficient. It is basically able to deliver a continuous flow of water that are meant to suit the demands of the owner. This particular device is quite advanced in terms of technology.

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Features Of The Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 4 GPM

  1. Has a compact design which basically allows it to fit anywhere.
  2. The supply of hot water is continuous.
  3. Low flow activation that is as low as 0.4 GPM
  4. Has temperature controls that are situated externally.
  5. Comes with half inch water connections.
  6. Has LED lights that are meant to show if the device is on standby or active mode.
  7. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes.
  8. It is very useful for people who have small homes and may not have the ability to get the big water heater.


  1. This device is small and portable and this makes it ideal for people who have small spaces for storage.
  2. It is very easy to install.
  3. It is star certified as far as the energy is concerned.
  4. This tankless water heater is quite economical and does not lead to high electricity bills since it only uses the electricity when in use.
  5. It is totally worth the amount you spend considering the how much it costs and the service it is able to deliver.
  6. It delivers exactly the same way the manufacturers promise it will.
  7. It is quite efficient when it comes to producing a constant flow of hot water.
  8. Rheem RTE 13 Installation is a breeze.


  1. There are some people who complained that the tankless water heater had a habit of switching on for some second by itself even when it is not in use.
  2. There were complaints from some people about getting devices which leaked or became faulty after being used a few times.
  3. Some raised some issue about the ability of the unit to deliver in terms of supplying enough power to the water. This may have been due to the failure of some of them to understand the instructions that were provided on the manual about how to ensure the device was functioning at its optimum best.
  4. It has its own dangers especially for people who may not be keen on following instructions.

Rheem Electric Water Heaters Reviews

A good number of the customers were quite impressed by how this tankless water heater worked and they gave it good reviews. There were some who complained about it having some leaks and not delivering as they expected though this was mainly due to their failure to follow instructions. The positives outweighed the negatives.

Conclusion On The Rheem RTE 13 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 4 GPM

If you are looking for a good tankless water heater then this is definitely the device for you. Rheem RTE 13 Reviews from many consumers come in positive. We think that the RTE 13 Series is a buy.

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